High Stress Levels and Anxiety

High Stress Levels and feelings of Anxiety can play a huge role in what we eat and therefore our weight.
Whether you have had a stressful day at work, or the kids running riot and not listening or it could be simply driving to and from work that make you feel stressed and anxious. whatever is the cause, these stressors can cause us to form certain eating or drinking responses to help us cope with it all. Some of us tuck in to the chocolate, some of us get the alcohol out to try and relax, and if this is happening it most likely will have a massive impact on our weight and body fat levels.
Sound familiar? What do you turn to in times of stress and anxiety?

When people feel stress and anxiety on a daily basis, the body continuously releases adrenaline and cortisol into the bloodstream. Adrenaline dissipates when anxiety starts to wane, however, cortisol lingers in the body and increases the desire for people to eat more carbohydrates to compensate for physical exertion. The body is programmed to fight off stress and danger, but because most people today do not physically burn off extra energy after being affected by stress, increased carbohydrate cravings and carbohydrate consumption from lingering cortisol levels usually cause weight gain.