Your best body at 40

Are you over 40 and feel like your body just cant do the things you could when you were in your thirties? There is a reason for that. Its called letting your body age.
I want to be clear with something here and as I may have some people debating this issue, your age reflects your state of mind. I’m not saying you won’t age. I’m just stating you can actually slow the process down with the right balance in life.

Being in today’s modern world it seems to be going so quick. It feels so rushed that we feel there are not enough hours in the day to fit everything in. Does this sound like you? If it doesn’t then it may be the case you have a good balance in life of the 4 key elements, (Family life, Career, Health, Spiritual).
Great work if you do. For those of you that feel like life seems to be in a rush then its time to work out this for yourself and see which areas you focus on and which are lagging behind.

Over the years I’ve really noticed with clients that if there was one element off the body will cope just fine but if there is two that are lagging then the bodies emotional state becomes stressed and at times overwhelmed.
You can bring this balance back into your life with simply working out what you really focus more of your time on and what you don’t. Once you work this out you must realize and make a definite change to balance this out. You know life is all about balance and when it is you notice things go your way as your mind is in a strong positive state.

Today I want to mention the three areas in health and fitness to have balanced.
Working out and keeping yourself healthy far outweighs any reason why you actually would neglect doing this.

Firstly lets go through the 3 areas to work on:

Strength – Without training weights your muscles will atrophy(muscle wastage) which have been known to cause osteo arthritis.
Even if you have never trained with weights before its not too late. You will gain muscle mass, help to build bone density, relief from joint pain, improve blood flow in all areas of your body, improve how food is utilised, decrease your risk of falls and breaks and helping increase key hormones in your body such as Testosterone and Growth Hormone.

Flexibility – over time your muscles will tighten and shorten causing your body to feel tight, sore, increasing risk of injury and general pain symptoms in the lower back, knees, shoulders etc. Warm up prior to exercise with dynamic moving stretches to increase your range of motion and finish your workout with some PNF stretching and static stretching to keep muscles from shortening. Some more reading on Stretching

Cardiovascular work – Improved Lung and Heart Health is a good enough reason to include some interval training to your program but just to add some extras the cardiovascular work will also improve blood flow, insulin sensitivity, burning metabolic rate tha will increase your fat loss efforts even when your not training.

Some positive facts what keeping your body fit and healthy does for your body and mind.

• Release endorphins boosting your mood, increasing energy and self confidence

• Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently giving you more energy. The more efficient your body can work that better you will feel.

• A Healthier body and regular exercising will promote better sleep

• Bring back the spark in your sex life. Lets see, a fitter body, better self confidence, more energy, brain chemicals balanced, less stress, better blood flow and enhanced arousal to name a few. Now you can see why there is an improved sex life with people who get there health and fitness on track.

• Enjoyable! Exercise doesn’t not have to be a chore. There is so many varieties of exercise to choose from and there is no excuse not to find one you enjoy and can keep into your routine.

There is so much more on this topic we could delve into here so I will be writing more on this in future but should give you insight into some benefits of creating a good balance in life and getting your health on track.