You own your Body! How do you treat it?


What is your Health and Fitness really about? It might be how you look in Clothes, how confident you feel when your in great shape, how energised you feel when exercising or is it just because you enjoy it.


Your Health and Fitness today really shapes your future in 5, 10, 15 years down the track and will determine your quality of life you will have in that time.


Your Fitness shouldn’t be about ‘I want to get lean in 3 weeks’ or I want to be in a certain shape in 2 weeks when you haven’t really trained before. You need to lay the foundation now for those goals you strive for but also for 10 years down the track with the quality of life you will lead.


Having those fitness goals are crucial and essential to having the road map to your results but you will need those stepping stones to be able to achieve it in small goals as opposed to making it so overwhelming for yourself when it is not achieved within 4 weeks.


Go back to your 20’s and think how much you trained and took care of your body then. Did you lay the foundation right?

Now have a look in your thirties and see if you stayed consistent all the way through or did you start on your journey then?

Going into your 40’s is your fitness where you want it to be? Is the foundation right for your body to be functioning as well as it could be?


These are the questions you must ask yourself and be honest about? If your in your 40’s and feel you haven’t been training or keeping your health on track then how do you think it will be when your 50 with more wear and tear but not strengthening your body in all areas to keep it functioning well. There is no magic pill to relief all those years of neglect or waiting for tomorrow to start.


It’s all too common to see how people reason with themselves why they don’t need to stay strong and healthy. Get that body back on track. Start with small steps, get the right coach with the experience to guide you with stepping stones through the process to keep you healthy, fit and strong. Don’t let today be another day you wait till tomorrow to start your journey. One small step today is all that’s needed to propel you forward on your way to better health.

Any questions, feel free to get in touch