Staying Committed to Exercise

The Difference between Success and Failure

Staying motivated to exercise day in day out is not easy especially if you’re just starting out. In, fact people that exercise would agree with me when I Say some days they got it and some they don’t.

Whatever your goal is whether it is fat loss, muscle gain, cardiovascular fitness, you may be surprised to realise that you are not different from people who exercise on a daily basis. So what are these people doing different to stay committed to their goal. MINDSET! It’s all in your attitude.

I have seen some regular trends training clients for over 20 years. It could be within the first 2 weeks when the individual finds it too hard to get out of their comfort zone and feels it’s not worth there effort or within 8-12 weeks, the initial excitement of starting an exercise program and enthusiasm are fading. Second, most clients haven’t seen significant results yet. The combination is devastating and, many times, this is the moment many people give up.

Deep down it gets frustrating to know that these people are on the verge of success only to give up when it’s getting challenging.

Remember why it was so important for you to start being committed and regularly look back at why you started and how you will feel once you do actually reach that Goal. Another way to think is how you will feel if you don’t reach it?

When you find it hard, there is so much help about to support you. Reach out to your trainer, be accountable to someone who will give you positive support and encouragement, don’t believe the ones who tell you its too hard or question why are you doing it. Its your journey and what ever the Goal is, if you feel excited about it then get the right people around you to reach it.

The journey is never easy but reaching it is very much worth it!