Are you in search of a Personal Trainer on the Gold Coast? We are here at have a combined 60 years experience in the Fitness Industry and are here to motivate you, encourage you and get you the result you want.

Get Motivated health and fitness is located in Chevron Island on the sunny Gold Coast and is fully equipped, 100% private, air conditioned health and fitness studio that is a place to change your body, your attitude, your lifestyle and your habits.
If you are tired of almost getting in shape, then Get Motivated on the Gold Coast is the place for you.
Get Motivated Health and fitness is for people who want a more personal approach to training in a studio based environment or people who feel intimidated in crowded gyms and don’t feel like they are getting the proper attention that they deserve. Small group fitness and personal training is a great way to keep variety, structure and progress in your training. You will also receive a nutrition/fitness analysis and a plan suited to your future goals.
Here at Get Motivated you will always have 100% dedication from your experienced trainer to ensure your success. With a smart sensible approach to nutrition and exercise we can guarantee permanent success. 
We have ample on site parking and can arrange training times that suit your lifestyle whether its for small group training or personal training.

Whether you have a personal trainer for one month, one year or beyond are one the best ways to ensure you get the result you have set out for. Having the focus wholeheartedly on you and staying accountable to your trainer will ensure success.
You will learn what your body needs through training and nutrition and how it reacts. Having someone with the knowledge to edge out what you don’t need and keep you on the right path is what you’re hiring your personal trainer for.

Some key benefits to having your own Personal Trainer

• You will have a personlised program structured to your goal and your lifestyle

• Constant Motivation and Encouragement

• Be accountable

• Assist you to stay on top of your nutrition since it will be the key to achieving your goal

• Workout variation

• Preventing Injuries and staying critical with exercise technique

Some people think a Personal Trainer is expensive but don’t realise they are spending more money each week on things detrimental to their health such as – alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, junk food, expensive restaurants and not to mention hospital bills!

At Get Motivated Health & Fitness on the sunny Gold Coast, personal training sessions and Semi Private Training are by appointment only with one of our highly qualified and experienced personal trainers.
Personlised Training starting at only $29.95 per week for 3 sessions.