Nutrition Facts or FAD’s

These days people are getting so confused whether to think of Nutrition as trying new fads that mysteriously work in a few weeks or listen to science based facts that have worked for generations and will keep on working.

In other words, when the question is asked what should i eat to lose body fat for instance will be determined by what new fads there are around to try, just eat minimal, emotional attachments to foods, way of thinking and what you conceive as true.

With more and more conflicting information spread throughout the internet is just confusing people on what really works.

Firstly its getting some facts on what has really worked and what still does today, don’t confuse the situation and ask someone experienced who has the knowledge to give you the right advice and guidance without selling you any fad diets or supplements that will magically shed away that unwanted body fat.

Nothing beats the going back to basics approach and to explain it very simply is protein will always be your first importance for your meals and yes a certain amount each day is needed to maintain/grow that hard earned muscle (losing it without sufficient protein will set you up for problems later in life), your good quality fats will always be you long lasting energy and essential for functioning of your bodily organs and focus/concentration each day, fibrous vegetables are a must and with all the added vitamins and minerals whilst eating them every day (minimum 5 serves) why wouldn’t you, hydration, well everyone would know the importance of getting enough water in through the day to Increase Energy, assists with fat Loss, Flushes out Toxins, Increase cellular hydration which boosts skin complexion, helps keep a strong Immune System, Natural Headache Remedy, Prevents Cramps & Sprains to name a few.

Fruits, with all the added phytonutrients in fruits you would keep the fruit into your dietary intake daily but how much is the concerning part. Two things about Fructose are it has a way of telling your grehlin receptors (appetite receptor) that you are not satisfied by not activating Leptin which speaks to ghrelin to say you are satisfied. Also fructose metabolises only in the liver and with liver only holding a small amount of glucose (70 grams) you can very easily add body fat with an excess of fruit.

Carbohydrates: Ok think of it like this. you require to train or expend energy in other ways you will need carbohydrates as they are your quick acting energy. If you want to lose fat or you are lost as to why you can’t seem to budge that unwanted layer of fat take a look at your timing of your foods. it could be the case your training at 6pm at night and are eating your energy dense carbohydrates early in the day. If you don’t use the energy where do you think that energy will be stored? Exactly, your adipose tissue or fat stores.

Keep it simple but yes get the right amounts in through out the day for the outcome you want to see in training.

If you would like any more info on this topic about getting your dietary intake right and creating the right balance for your body email [email protected]