New Year’s Guilt Trips

At the beginning of each year I get approached by both new and current members about how we can reach their New Year’s resolutions.
These resolutions are generally revolved around fat loss thought to have been gained over the Christmas/New Year period. The truth of the matter is that this weight has been slowly put on over the preceding months.

It is GUILT that drives people to make fitness resolutions knowing they have been slack.
You can’t get fat from having a bad week of eating and drinking. Obviously you aren’t doing your body any favours but in the same way it takes time to remove body fat it also takes time to accumulate it.
Whatever your aim, success is dependent on being consistent. Be consistent with your training; be consistent with your nutrition. A quality exercise regime balanced with the right eating plan maintained is the only way to really achieve your goals as well as keeping your health on track.

Regular exercise can have positive effects on effective management of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, mental health, respiratory ailments such as asthma, osteoporosis not to mention the obvious benefits of looking and feeling better.

There is no quick fix, no pills or potions or an easy option. You have the ability to forever remove the need to ever have to make a New Year’s Resolution again. Stay true to your goals every day. Have a day off here or there but make it the exception rather than the rule. Do this and think of how much better your life will be in ten, twenty even thirty years’ time.
Keep going in circles now and think about the potential alternatives.

The message is simple – exercise is the best preventative medicine at your disposal. But it is important to note that it is a lifelong change we need to make every day.