Mistakes Woman make with there
Training and Nutrition

It’s amazing to see all the different types advice people get given to them when it comes to Nutrition. My example today is towards Women. Why? The type of information that is given to Ladies is quite generalized and the poor information that is given doesn’t take in to account the differences in Hormones, Metabolism and Body Composition.

A common one I hear is to slash calories to lose weight and stick to Low Calorie eating. Your Body will benefit from a slight deficit when it comes to lowering your calories but at the end of the day your body needs energy to run and without optimal energy your body will go into defense mode and in the long term hold on to body fat and potentially gain even more.
An example is: You start a low calorie plan to lose weight. You’ll see a loss of weight in the couple weeks of starting the plan, which will be between 40-60% muscle mass being used as energy. What this then leads to is a decline in your metabolic rate and reducing how many calories your body will burn naturally throughout the day.

Issue 1.
High Carbohydrate Intake
While the Woman’s body is able to switch between burning body fat and burning glucose from Carbohydrates with ease their ability to do this reduces when you introduce higher carb diets on a consistent basis. The bottom result will be your body adapting to burning more Glucose as opposed to burning Fat.

What to do: Balance your Nutrition with first and foremost quality wholefoods coming from a slightly higher Protein intake (40%), Essential Fats (35%), Carbohydrates (25%).
This will create steadier Blood Sugar control and satiety, which will limit cravings.

Issue 2.
Detoxing with Juices
Your Body is such a smart machine and as it is a common thought to think that just enjoying a day or 2 of just juice will detoxify the body its not the total truth.
Juices have one thing that is exactly right. They provide your body with loads of antioxidants that will start to kick start your bodies enzymatic properties to charge up and get your digestive issues in order. Unfortunately though just juicing alone will not allow a total elimination of toxins getting your body 100% primed and ready to go. In order to make detoxing successful you must include Protein. As you may be aware Protein breaks down in the body to Amino acids and these are responsible to eliminate waste products from your Body.
Secondly the fibre that is absent from Juicing will keep the total amount of toxins from being removed through the intestines.
To detoxify the body you must include fresh fruits and veg as whole food (preferably not juicing as this removes the fibre)

Issue 3.
Essential Fat Ratios
While many Women now know how important dietary Fats are for the body, what is not known are the ratios and types that should be consumed.
The ratios that are known to help lower your rate of diseases including cancers, obesity, High Cholesterol to name a few are a 3:1 ratio of Omega 6:3 fats.
The typical western dietary habits have been known to be around 25:1 ratio of omega 6:3 hence the reason for inflammatory diseases and excess fat being so common.
The difference between women who eat correct ratios of Fats to excess ratios of fats will go from your Digestive tract working optimally when eating the 3:1 ratios to seeing carcinogenic and obesity effects in the excess ratios of Fats yet the opposite can be seen in Men.

What to do: Focus on quality essential Fats first of all coming from their natural state with consciously getting your ratios right. When cooking aim for macadamia oil or coconut oil. If you do cook with olive oil make sure its cold pressed.
Avoid processed fats and hydrogenated oils known as Trans Fats, which commonly cause health issues.
Some examples of quality fats to include are: Fish oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil, avocado, mixed nuts, chia seeds

Issue 4.
I don’t want to ‘Bulk’ from weight training
This comment would have to be one of the most common ones I’ve heard when introducing weights to Women. I definitely understand the concern but the simple truth is weights wont bulk you up when eating a well-designed nutrition plan.
The initial effect of cell volumisation is a result of feeling fluid enter the cells feeling a tighter and fuller effect, which is a positive outcome.
Firstly to add muscle is a whole other story and requires years of consistent hard work and heavy lifting. An example is if a guy adds 3kg of hard earned muscle in one year then its been an excellent year of training and Men have 35 times greater the testosterone than what a Female does.
Secondly a Female who is an example weight of 64kg at 15% body fat is going to look smaller and also will be healthier than a Female who is 60kg at 25% body fat.

What to do: In your exercise regime include a good weight training circuit. It doesn’t matter if it’s once per week only if that’s what time permits. Just make sure you include your best bang for your buck exercises such as Squats, Deadlifts, Lunges, Step ups, Chin ups, Dumbbell rows, Dips and make them count as opposed to just going through the range of motions.

Issue 5.
More rest days are needed (or are they?)
Women burn more glucose and less body fat when resting as opposed to Men, which is the opposite. This can make it a little more challenging to lose Body Fat for women.
This means that regular bouts of exercise are needed for women who are looking to burn those extra-unwanted calories.

What to do: An effective training plan is needed for every time you workout. Don’t just wing it. Have a well designed plan to maximize your efforts in training.
When doing cardio intervals women respond better to longer bouts of maximal exertion sprints such as 60 seconds on and 6o seconds rest where as Men will respond better to shorter bursts.
With weight training aim for shorter rests and try work more with supersets as opposed to longer rest periods. Women have a 3 fold faster rate of recovery then what a Man does.