Many people fail to lose body fat for the reason they take absolutely no interest in health, fitness and nutrition

Going to train in the gym and forcing down healthy food isn’t exactly showing an interest in your journey let alone educating yourself.

You are just doing it for the fact you think it will help you lose fat.

One question I ask overweight individuals who want to lose body fat is how much interest they have in their nutrition and how committed they are to keeping themselves fit and healthy. This question gives me an idea of the commitment they will show to the program.

You can go on a FAD diet, drink weight loss shakes, go on a detox and try to lose some quick weight but unfortunately the majority of weight lost is not going to be body fat.

It is until you start educating yourself on what really works for long term results and what you can sustain for long term.

Fat loss is not a generic one size fits all way of looking at it. The way you design a plan to suit you must be taken into account your overall lifestyle, habits, hormonal unbalances if you have, calorie intake, how many macronutrients you need throughout the day and it what ratio for best results.

Eating healthy and eating for fat loss are not the same even though eating for fat loss does consist of healthy food. Its all about timing of the foods you ingest and when you eat certain foods to maximise fat loss for you.

One of the biggest tips i can give you is to educate yourself to lose body fat (not just weight). Don’t start your FAD diets to lose weight quick. Take a step back, learn what you need to know and how to really be in control of your fat loss and start creating a healthier, leaner body.

Educate yourself and enjoy the long lasting results.