Manage insulin to keep body fat levels down

Firstly I’ll explain a little about Insulin and what it can do for the body in a positive way and a negative way.


Insulin is a hormone produced by the Pancreas and is raised once blood sugar is raised in the body.

Insulin causes Muscle, Liver and Fat tissue to take up glucose from the blood.

When insulin is absent or low, glucose is not taken up by body cells, and the body begins to use fat as an energy source.

When your body has been fed a carbohydrate based meal your insulin rises to shuttle that blood sugar into the required cells whether it’s in the muscle, liver or Fat deposit depending on current glycogen storage in those areas.

The body requires a certain amount of glucose throughout the day to support all organs and keep your body function well.


Low carbohydrate Diets are so popular because of the results you can achieve from them over a period of time. It’s only when the low carbohydrate diets are taken to extremes by people with the lack of knowledge to structure a good food plan for their body type when they start to cause themselves more damage than healthy results internally, such as putting your body into ketosis (ketones build up in blood stream when you have very little to no glycogen in your liver causing your body to reach a high acid level) and causing your ph levels to switch from alkaline to acidic very quickly. Your body goes into defense mode from there as well as burning your body fat for energy it is also diving into that hard earned muscle you have worked so hard for to be used for energy.


The best thing to do to avoid a fat gain and control your insulin levels is to time your carbohydrate meals around the time you expend the most amount of energy (training) and after a fasted state (sleeping). Your body will use up all of that fuel considering you ingest enough carbohydrates according to your lean muscle weight.

Throughout the day keep your meals at a good portion of protein and some salads/vegetables and good fats and you will be reaching your goal in no time.