I want to Lose Weight BUT…

I am genuinely fascinated by the behaviour of people.

Specifically when it come to fat loss and weight loss.

When individuals reach out to me and we chat about what they want to achieve and typically the reply is something like “lose 5-10kgs”

This is a very achievable goal to strive for.

And we certainly provide the tools to achieve it……in a healthy and sensible timeframe.

I then explain what needs to be done.


Which again typically is something like

‘slight calorie deficit each day’ – we show how this is done and even provide a personalised meal planner each week.

‘exercise at least 3 times per week’

‘cut down on booze – certainly on school nights’

We will then track your progress.

This is why we’re so different to a local gym – it’s personal. We actually monitor / coach and support each member to achieve their goals.

This is the secret.

Absolutely nothing there that is revolutionary though.

Pretty simple really.

And due to its simplicity most of our members see absolutely amazing results.

They drop 5-10-15kg of weight and yes this is long term,

Transformations are great motivators!.

But then there is a very small % of individuals that are resistant to this change.

Before they even join, I explain what’s involved.

And even though they have said they are ‘desperate’

They then tell me that they enjoy their wine too much to give it up during the week in the short term.


They can’t be bothered to ‘buy healthy food’

So instead they join a 24 hour budget gym. [as they want to feel like they’re doing something]

But then weeks / months later they are still stuck in exactly the same place.

Same size [sometimes bigger]

Same unhealthy habits.

Same self sabotaging behaviours.

As a coach specialising in helping individuals, this is a frustrating one for me to witness.

These people would be better off being honest with themselves!

Ps: Don’t ever think you have to sacrifice your favourite foods to get into the best shape of your life.

With Flexible Dieting you can still enjoy those foods and get the best results possible.

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