Fit and Healthy Employees = 55% increase in productivity

Everyone can say they would like to be fit and healthy. For some it may be just feeling better on the inside as for others it may be changing their body to be looking great or even both. The reality is people get caught up in busy life. Its no surprise that just poor health and fitness is costing the Australian economy alone $28 Billion in lost productivity and wages per year.

Encouraging staff in the workplace to stay fit and healthy is a good solution as the benefits of keeping your workers fit and healthy results in a 55% increase in productivity. Now think of what that can do for your business.
Incentives such as subsidised gym memberships, organised group activity and regular stretching, movement breaks for people sitting all day at their desk can be a great solution.
There is strong evidence showing these figures and how it can boost you companies health.
To put simply, Healthy Workers = Healthy Company = Smart Business

To sum it up, an Australian study compared effective working hours per month with unhealthy workers to Healthy workers.
The Healthy workers work an estimated 143 effective hours per month where as the unhealthy bunch only work 49 effective hours.

Get Motivated has corporate group rates and provide general wellness programs or 6 week challenge programs and are a full tax deduction.

Book in a time where we can come out to meet all your staff and explain the benefits of being involved with a health and fitness program.

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