I can’t get the results I was getting like when I was 20 – 30 years old is what a lot of people over the age of 40 tell themselves and others.


The real answer to this and ill explain why is because your making yourself a low priority.


Firstly there are many times us as Humans will make the excuse of ‘Its too far to drive’ or ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I have too much work to do so ill miss training today’.

If your telling yourself these stories you might want to reassess your situation as you are treating your health as low priority.

There is power to the truth of honestly admitting to yourself that your exercise regime is not a priority. When you do identify this it’s only then where you can plan out some goals for your health and fitness and plan out how to consistently work on them. Don’t overwhelm yourself with thinking I need this to happen tomorrow but instead step it out in weekly/monthly goals and before you know it you will feel energized and motivated from the results you are seeing and not to mention the self confidence you build along the way.

We make others more important than ourselves and don’t take the effort to help ourselves. What will be left for you to give when you are totally exhausted and having not an ounce of energy left because your health is in tatters?

This is a topic I will go into with a little more depth about in my next article with the fears of making yourself ‘of first importance’

Take time to focus on yourself!


Secondly there is another common trait people over 40 will say.

‘I can’t get the results I was getting like when I was 20 – 30 years old because my body doesn’t work like it was when I was 25 or 30’.


Ill make the comment firstly by saying that the reasoning behind this has a major factor being your mindset.

Your body will have a decline of about 2% per decade. Hardly enough to worry about when you training is planned it out well and nutrition is on key.

Many of us though don’t have this mentality that we should have to follow a consistent training plan and dietary plan to fuel us exactly with the results we want.

This is when your body will feel the effects of getting older and due to the lack of training/type of training and your food intake that might consist of alcohol, excess carbohydrates when your body doesn’t require them, processed foods, trans fats etc your body simply will act according to how you treat it.

Your cells will rejuvenate every 90 days so have a think back with how you treated your body for the last 3 months and ask yourself am I slowing down my ageing process and heading towards my fitness goals or am I just speeding up the process and feeding myself with food it doesn’t need and not keeping fit and healthy.

With a well planned training and nutrition plan you can actually reverse the effects of age associated conditions.


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