Are you Over 40?

Do you feel as your getting older (and wiser) that your body is slowing down and you can’t seem to get the results you were getting in your 20’s and early 30’s?

Let me tell you something…I hear people saying “Now that I am over 40 I can’t seem to shed this excess weight”.

Here is one main factor… You don’t consider yourself as a main priority! You look after everyone else and do a great job with everyone around you but can’t seem to make time to focus on yourself.

When you do identify this it’s only then where you can plan out some goals for your health and fitness and plan out how to consistently work on them.

Take time to focus on yourself!

Then you can plan and take pride in making better Food Choices, How much you eat When you eat, Are you training right for you body, How hard are you training, how often are you training and How you deal with Stress.

Excess body fat you store in your body is primarily from the choices you make in your nutrition. Genetics are only one factor.

Having a poor mindset, poor beliefs and not treating yourself as a top priority will only keep you feeling like your going backwards.

It’s totally up to you whether you want to make it better and keep your body fit and healthy leaving those “Im getting older” excuses behind you.

Here are 10 strategies to get yourself back on track

10 Steps to Rebooting your Metabolism

1. Perform exercises that are designed to simulate lean muscle
We will design the perfect balanced program to match your goals, ensuring you simulate lean muscle – one of the key drivers for rebooting your metabolism.

2. Use interval-based cardio exercise to turbo-boost weight loss
High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is known as the best type of training to strip fat. Use HIIT between your weight training workouts (resistance training) or combine the two

3. Use breakfast to program your body’s fuel selection for the day
Recent studies show that breakfast programs your body for the rest of the day. If you eat a breakfast that is high in sugar and carbohydrate, your body will burn sugar and carbs for the rest of the day. Eat a breakfast that is high in protein and has a balance of good fats, and your body will be looking for fat as a fuel for the rest of the day.

4. Learn the art of nutrient timing
The timing of the food and nutrients you consume is a key development in metabolic science. Eat the right macro-nutrients for your energy output. No exercise = no starchy carbs.

5. Eat every two to three hours
Meal frequency is a key factor in a speedy metabolism. Our system teaches the craft of meal programming, including increasing your number of daily meals (most people should be aiming for six: three whole-food meals and three snack based meals).

6. Treat all processed carbohydrates as sugar.
This is one of the misunderstood rules of nutrition. As soon as you process a carbohydrate, it structurally becomes a step closer to sugar. So when it comes to something like, let’s say, white flour, by the time it hits your stomach, it is basically sugar. Remember to treat all processed carbohydrates as sugar. Sugar can hold your results back substantially.

7. Make better liquid choices
Your liquid choices need to be in sync with your overall plan. No sugary soft drinks, juices or sweetened water.
More plain water.

8. Be prepared to plan and be disciplined
Success largely depends on developing planning and preparation strategies that ensure consistency.

9. Set goals, be true to them, and be accountable
Establish goals. Break them up into weekly and daily steps. Nobody’s perfect, but understand yourself, and re-visit your plan often.

10. Live by the ‘90/10 Rule’
A good eating plan needs to be realistic and sustainable. The ‘90/10 Rule’ simply means that 90% of the time you are on, and 10% of the time you are not. This gives you some flexibility for those unforeseen hurdles that inevitability will be put in front of you. This rule allows you to have 10% of food outside of our guidelines. This is so you get to live life, eat the occasional dinner out, or have that meal you might have craved for over the past week. But remember, it is strictly 10% of your meals or less. Any more than that and you will see a dramatic decrease in results. So live by the ‘90/10 Rule’ – enjoy life and get amazing results!

One last thing…Be Grateful every day