Belly fat has to be the Number 1 problem on the ‘I WANT GONE ‘ list

Most people actually KNOW how to lose weight but finding the motivation to do so is another issue altogether

Maybe you have been stuck in a rut a few months or even a few years, it doesn’t matter, I want to help you turn it around TODAY !

This is how I believe it should be done after witnessing what works and what doest for over 20 years.

Your WHY!

Over 90% of people who come to me at the beginning don’t actually know exactly what they want apart from the fact they want to lose weight. They haven’t actually stopped to think about what they REALLY want and WHY.

You may want to feel confident again, feel attractive around your partner, have more energy, worry less about health, look good in a suit or a dress or in your swimwear

NOW…This is the beauty and the power when you have strong enough WHYS, it generates new motivation, because now its real, its do-able start feeling feeling excited?

2. Specific Goals

Write these down somewhere and put them somewhere you can see them morning and night. Words have power and again make it real

3. Support Network

Who is someone or a small group that you feel you can state, this is my goal and get the encouragement you need to have the belief. Likeminded groups are great for this

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. never think they are silly questions to ask. I can assure you lots of other people are in the same boat as you

4. Be happy now

I think one of the reasons why I get so many successful results is because we work on getting happy right now. Our nervous systems are buzzing from fitting in so much much through the day Stop and breath, take the deep breaths you should be, look around and see the scenery and remember to smile and be grateful.

What do you appreciate in life?

Use this strategy immediately with the other tips to make a huge difference in your results.

Sometimes people get stuck into the mindset of “when I lose x amount of weight then ill be happy” This is a recipe for disaster, disconnect yourself from the outcome and get happy now then enjoy the process, much better and more fun option I can assure you

5. Think consistent Progress, not immediate Perfection

Keep in mind, you are not ever going to do things perfectly all the time , you will slip up!

Its the actions after the slip up that will determine how your results are going to be. When you have gone of the rails with a meal, don’t give yourself an excuse that the rest of the day is ruined by eating more of the same bad foods. And when comes to working out forget about it, why bother ….sound familiar

Whatever you do MOST of the time will have an effect on your life. This goes for majority in your life. In terms of training results I like to keep an 80% rule unless of course I’m training and eating for extreme results , but as a general rule of thumb, if you can workout and stay on track with your nutrition 80% of the time then that’s it, you will see results.

6. Develop a routine that is suits your lifestyle

This is what I teach my clients to do. We work on getting a personal system in place that is easy, gets the results you want and becomes like second nature. This alone really is the recipe for success because there is no diet out there that will solve this, no workout either I’m afraid it’s simply a combination of strategies that WORK FOR YOU AND NOT AGAINST YOU.

7. Set short-term goals. (Micro – Goals)

I actually believe in the quick fix solution, What do I mean by this? I’m NOT talking about eating nothing and weight 10kgs less the next day but what I do mean is getting some results really quickly and by your own efforts. This elevates motivation and belief for the individual.

When you see these quick results you will get a boost of confidence, and you will feel great!

Set the next short term goals and plan the next step.

Anyway I hope this helps you and you have got some value from it

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