3 Useful Training Tips for Burning Body Fat over 40


Train for Strength

Every 500gm of muscle your able to add on your body will help you naturally burn an extra 100 calories while resting.
Having a good training program and focusing on training to get stronger will generate the heat necessary to boost your metabolism and shed that unwanted body fat.


Burn Calories while your Resting

Expending energy is your goal to being able to burn that unwanted body fat. Get your body to burn more energy at rest and your on the way to burning body fat effectively.
The issue with this: As you age the energy you burn at rest declines.
Your everyday lifestyle factors will determine the amount of energy you need to burn. So whether your sitting all day, have a high stress level, or constantly active you must keep heating your metabolism to keep burning energy at an elevated rate all day long.
How? To create your body to generate heat and keep your body burning for hours is specific exercises in short bursts.
Will be an example later in this article


Train Effectively

How effectively you burn fat will be determined by how effective your workouts are. Once you hit the 40 mark you will feel the need to adjust your workouts to suit your body more than ever.
Factors you have to manage in life will range from Family, Career, Social activities and lastly Stress levels that will potentially slow down your metabolic response.
Even if you had ample time to train effective strength training is still the key, NOT endless amounts of cardio.


In the Gym Interval sessions to try

Try 3-4 rounds of this circuit with 2 minutes rest in between each round.

Sled Push

Kettle bell swing

Sled Push

Box Jump

Sled Push

Push Up


Outdoor Interval Fat Burning session

Put down markers every 10 metres up to 100 metres

Sprint 10 metres walk back to start

Sprint 20 metres walk back to start

Sprint 30 metres walk back to start

Repeat till you reach 100 metres

Aim for 3-4 rounds